Guide To Understand Dofollow and Nofollow Links

Wondering what do-follow and no-follow links mean?

Many new bloggers know that they need to make more or less backlinks for their blogs, but. At some point they meet two new critical things called ‘Do-follow’ and ‘No-follow’ before the word ‘Backlink’.

Backlinks are important, but you need to generate them in wise way. Backlinks are good if they are from relevant and reputed sites. They will help you progress in much rank metrics.

Relevant and being reputed is not all, there’s another big catch that you need to keep your eyes open for while you collect those links.




What’s that?

Ans: You have to know whether it’s a do-follow or no-follow one.

Let’s start to understand the meaning of them. Wish that, you’ll have the basic knowledge of these two words after you’ve read the post.



Ever seen a text like “rel=’dofollow’?” written before a link,

These are the ones we call do-follow links. Links without any rel attribute is also do-follow.

Do-follow links are surfed by search engine bots. These links are all over the internet.

Do-follow links are green-signal links for search engine crawlers.

If there’s a do-follow link on the page then crawler will crawl it. So if it finds another do-follow link on that page it’ll crawl that one too. Thus, they keep going more and more deep into the links to collect data.

This kind of links are of value in rank metrics. Having a do-follow link from relevant + reputed site can skyrocket your metrics not to mention, the page rank.



No follow links have the attribute like this, rel=’nofollow’.

These are not like the do-follow ones. The crawlers don’t go through these links. They don’t crawl the linked page after crawling your now ones.

In a way, these links are real safe. By safe, I mean safe from being accused (and penalized) of spam.

You know that sudden raise of backlinks towards your site can be misunderstood as spam attempt, but not if they are no-follow.

No-follow tag tells the Google crawler to not crawl the link. As a result, they pass by like a gentleman.



To get ranked well, of course you need to do-follow ones. But not too fast. Build do-follow backlinks in slow gear. Too many links in split second and google may think you’re trying to manipulate the rank factors. That is offensive in eyes of google. In their guidelines, they shout it straight forward.

This kind of links build up naturally, but.if you focus on your content. These links will boost your ranks and bring in traffic.

On the other hand, No-follow links are not so washed-out themselves. They still hold the golden-rod of bringing traffic.

Making no-follow links is not crime in Google guidelines. Links are a normal substance of internet, they’ll be there always. So, Google has left you a choice to use them to a safe way. And that is, by making them no-follow.

No-follow links do not cause spam penalty as they don’t manipulate page rank metric. So, it can pretty much be said that, these are ‘safe links’.



So, this is what I understand by do-follow and no-follow. I’m hopeful that, by this time you also know the basic meanings of them.

But if you have any questions or doubts then I’m here to help you. Just drop a comment and I’ll be there to answer it.

And, please take a second to share this no-follow and do-follow guide with your friends and others.

Bye for today, cheers.
Thanks , M.H.Shoab :)

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