How to Solve SEO Problem in Your Site 2016

Seo is an important aspect for blogging and you need to be careful while planning and applying SEO to your blog. for a website as there are need visitors as to need good SEO because your site will not do better rank in search engine if in your site seo is not well, so that the visitor will not visit in this site. So they who begin blog, have tendency to keep seo friendly. For that (seo) we try to be done as possible but everybody cann’t be possible to do it. I try to do good myself as possible about seo. But there are such many people who think to be right the seo in his own site. But it is wrong thought because now in search engine there are many sites from which it is easily cleared to have how many visitors, how many backlink, how much site rank etc. So we can not think such way, we will be sure how much seo friendly. So however today I introduce two tools to you, by the facts you can easily understand what condition of the site seo rank and you will know where your blog seo is wrong. And you can also know how to do correct in seo.
Who are expert, can think to be possible to be Solution the fact like seo such way! In my opinion by using these two tools the problem of this seo is possible to be solution. I am sure because these tools sites rank good. Then lets go to watch how you use these tools and solve problem of seo.


How-to Slove -SEO Problem-in-Your-Blog-Site


At first I will inform that tool which alexa rank is four Thousand (4000). Then you know that this site is how good ranks. This tool’s name is “seositecheckup”, who are expert, is known about this tool’s.


Seositecheckup :

At first visit Seositecheckup site and put your website or blog site link blank box “website link” and hit checkup button and wait few second and see what’s problem your webpage or blog site seo details part and part. red signal Meaning your blog seo some problem so click How TO FIX button and check seo problem details and solve it.


How-to Slove -SEO Problem-in-Your-Blog-Site


And if you want checkup your blog SEO score so see above same below screenshot –


How-to Slove -SEO Problem-in-Your-Blog-Site (1)


Pluginseo :

Pluginseo is another best seo checkup tool and that tool which alexa rank is four hundred (4000). Then you know that this site is how good ranks. This tool’s name is “seositecheckup”, who are expert, is known about this tool’s. this tool use tips same as above tool. At first visit and put your webpage url on checkup blank box and click CHECK button left side.


How to Slove SEO Problem in Your Blog Site


After click check button wait few second now show SEO problems , Speed , Blog but we are check only seo so click SEO problems button.




Now check what’s problem your webpage seo and slove this proble easily. see below screenshot.


How-to-Slove-SEO-Problem-in-Your-Blog-Site (1)


So friends These are two best seo checking tools which I came across if you any more tools please share with us through below comment section.


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